Ski Canaro


Restaurants, hotels, spas, excursions… At Ski Canaro, we want your day in the snow to end the same way it started. That’s why we help you find the best restaurant in the zone, the best terrace, or the hotel that best suits your needs.  Tell us what you are looking for, and we will recommend you the best options in the zone.


A viewpoint that is only 20 minutes away from the slopes of Ski Canaro. Enjoy the best views of the entire Andorran landscape from the most famous viewpoint in the country on a platform suspended in the void. An experience to remember!


This beautiful valley is a must for lovers of raket routes and for experts or semiexperts in senderism and hiking.

The Sanctuary of Meritxell

The Sanctuary of Meritxell Basilica is the most important religious temple in Andorra. It is located in the parish of Canillo.