Ski and snowboard school


Not knowing how to ski is no longer an excuse. At Ski Canaro we offer you trained, qualified ski and snowboard instructors so that you can learn these disciplines with the help of professionals, with all the guarantees and safety the surroundings can offer.

We believe that good instruction is important, not only in order to pick up the necessary technical basics, but also to learn the rules of the road on the ski slope, to achieve a better position, to know how to move and how to get up in case of falling and, above all, to gain confidence in ourselves.

We always work on these aspects tracing an adequate progression customised to the needs of each client, whether they’re children, young people, adults, or elderly people. Besides, for the little ones, we offer a set of adapted methods and games to make learning fun and to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

At Ski Canaro, we believe that each student has specific needs and skills. That is why we are committed to individual learning. Our experience has taught us that, in large groups, the last ones are often left behind and that it is practically impossible to get a group of clients with the same skills and speed to learn.

Ski Canaro bets on private lessons to always offer the most tailored and attentive service to meet the needs of our students. 

Snowboard and Ski School


price 1 person / hour
price 1 person / hour
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