Sledge slope


To learn how to love and respect nature, one also must have fun.For this reason, we have an exclusive sledge slope so that the little ones, as well as the not so little ones, can have a great time with the peace of mind and security of not having skiers or surfers on their way.

The sledge slope is exclusive to our equipment due to a very logical reason. Our safe and high-quality equipment guarantees the safety and control of the user when going down on a sledge. Everything has been perfectly designed so that the little ones (and the not so little ones) can enjoy, race, and play without worries or risks.

At Ski Canaro, we are committed not only to teaching sports but also to make an effort to provide users with our enthusiasm about the world of snow. We love the snow, the cold, the mountains, and the landscapes.

Sledge rental


Includes a sledge and access to the sledge slope all day